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Wet Taps and Concrete Cores
Raleigh, North Carolina
Serving North Carolina from the Triad to the coast....
Phone: 919-210-1316

Concrete Cores
Concrete coring, also known as concrete core drilling is the mechanical process associated with drilling of a circular hole in any of the concrete structures,vaults, walls,floors and most commonly manholes. More specifically for this purpose diamond core cutting equipment is used. With the help of these tools, professional drillers drill round holes on concrete surfaces. We also can provide and install rubber boots after the hole is cut.

Wet Taps
Wet tap connections are often performed on water and sewer mains, while the system remains under working pressure. Wet taps allow for new connections to be made without any service interruption. We can tap into steel,ductile,plastic or AC water or sewer mains. Also we test the saddle for leaks with air or water before tapping on to the line.

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